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Welcome! I’m Stephanie McQueen and this is my digital portfolio. If you’re reading this, you were more than likely sent here by my business card or recent application.

The information I have included should cover anything you may be looking for. I have included samples of my best projects, a quick bio about me, plus the skills and experience that I’ve acquired over the years.

I’m not one to quickly hand out a resume or business card. If you have acquired one of these then I am serious about my proposition. The fact that you’re here means you’re seeking additional knowledge about who I am and what I do. I will not disappoint! Enjoy your stay and feel free to schedule an appointment should you need additional information or require my services for your business.

Experience & Skills

The year 2008 is when I created my first graphic for a client. I was still finishing my Associate of Arts degree in Graphic and Web Design when a teacher recommended me to the job. I created a Pirate Party DVD Invitation. While creating that, the client also needed a logo and website. Everything was a great success! The DVD invitation is still the project I am most proud of.

From that point, I did freelance projects in the small Florida county I resided in, such as websites, logos, and design consultation. I focused my energy into helping small businesses embrace the online world while the “dot com” phase was still strong.

In 2009, I partnered with a food truck, Loafin’ Around Cafe, to design the wrap that displays their name on the truck. They have been my client ever since. Over the years I have designed their poster menus, which are displayed near the serving window for customers to view, single-page menus, and managed their website.

Jump into the future: 2015. Although most of my work became a hobby where I helped friends and family, I still kept my skills sharp through learning. Through this, I discovered the love of marketing. So I decided to start my next degree! I registered to become an online student at Hodges University to begin my bachelor’s degree in marketing.

In 2016, my husband and I moved from Florida to South Carolina and I decided to get back into freelance work. I have done design consultation for several charities around the county and designed a small site for a custom jewelry maker. My latest work is with a local salon to give the owner a marketing boost. The salon received a branding package which includes a logo and website alongside marketing consultation. This has been a great success for the owner and her family.

For just over a year, I have been managing a website that was given to me by a family member. Tiny House Community has become a huge part of my life. I have learned more about email campaigns, open and conversion rates, how to write effective articles, account support and management, and more. I am currently underway to building this site into a network. My Tiny House Parking is the first branch off of the original site. I have a marketing plan set in place to ensure success.

A list of skills I possess:

Learned Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • InDesign
  • Business Branding
    • Logo Design
    • Web Design
    • Product Design
  • Marketing
    • Advertising Campaigns
    • Email Campaigns
  • Copywriting (still a novice!)
Personal Skills

  • Creative
  • Problem Solver
  • Team Player
  • Organized
  • Great Communicator
  • Love to Learn
  • Adaptable to Change

Stephanie’s Bio

I have been creative since I was young; it was clear that I would aspire to something that would have me designing the things around me. At a young age, I became fascinated with digital art when the internet boomed in the early 2000s. I quickly took hold of the concept and began my life’s quest: graphic design.

Receiving my high school diploma at 16, I moved on to college to receive my Associate of Arts degree in Graphic and Web Design. In my thirst for knowledge, I began to study on my own through various means such as webinars, articles, classes, videos, and other online resources. As the internet expanded, so did the availability of resources.

In 2014-15, I began the journey to a bachelor’s degree. Over the years of learning more about graphic and web design, I discovered I also love marketing. As these two tend to go hand-in-hand, I felt my bachelor’s degree should focus on marketing. Since then, I have researched more about it. I have been learning how to be a copywriter to make my advertisements more compelling and have higher conversion rates.

In January 2017, I brought a beautiful princess into this world. Becoming a mother has given me a new vision on life! I have always been a big-picture thinker, but having a child broadened that ability even more. Although having her has put my official schooling on hold, it has not stopped me from enrolling in online classes and downloading resources to further my knowledge in design and marketing.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and love to learn. I tend to volunteer for leadership positions as the ability comes naturally to me. I enjoy problem solving and am curious to how things work. I also enjoy working with teams! Teamwork empowers projects to become more successful as everyone has their own viewpoint. I have excellent management skills and work great with people in general.

I hope you have found this information enlightening and look forward to speaking with you soon! Remember you can schedule an appointment in less than a minute!

Let’s build the future together.

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